K M M CONSULTANTS has a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience that qualify us as experts in the construction, architectural, and engineering industries. Our consulting services include:

K M M CONSULTANTS construction claims services include:

  • Claim preparation/evaluation
  • Damage calculations and assessments
  • Evaluation of design errors, omissions, and scope changes
  • Loss efficiency and productivity calculations
  • Evaluation of delays, disruptions, and acceleration
  • Schedule impact analysis
  • Change order analysis

K M M CONSULTANTS dispute resolution services include:

  • Project-neutral advisor
  • Settlement negotiation assistance
  • Mediator and arbitrator services
  • Independent second opinion services


  • Respond quickly by performing an overview of the project progress and provide a recommended course of action
  • Evaluate and discharge payment bond claims or liens on the project
  • Assist owners/ obligecs to understand their obligations under the performance bond if they are considering a default termination
  • Advise an owner of completion options, or coordinate the project completion in cooperation with the owner and the surety

In the event of a default termination K M M CONSULTANTS can:

  • Assist parties and their counsel during the resolution of outstanding claims and change orders under a reservation of rights so the completion of the project can continue without further delay
  • Provide an estimate of costs to complete the project
  • Assist the surety as they consider contingencies in order to set cash reserves
  • Prepare ratification agreements to retain in-place vendors and subcontractor
  • Prepare a bid package to obtain competitive bids and select a completion contractor
  • Provide direct project management or general project oversight for the balance of the work Estimating


K M M CONSULTANTS recognizes the importance of having accurate cost estimates before a shovel even goes in the ground. Accurate estimates arc needed for budgeting, to verify or modify design decisions at the various stages of the project development, and to analyze the accuracy and fairness of contractor bid prices.

K M M CONSULTANTS prepares estimates at the various stages of project development, utilizing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to code all our estimate items. The WBS allows us to quickly sort and summarize the cost information according to our clients’ needs. We are able to achieve a level of project-specific accuracy by maintaining and updating our own database of construction costs, as well as using the industry’s latest estimating software.

An important part of each of our estimates is a quality control review of the documents. To further refine and obtain true construction marketplace estimates, K M M CONSULTANTS  will review the drawings with the eye of a contractor: Arc there discrepancies between drawings? Was anything forgotten or left out? What sort of constructability issues can the contractor expect? By providing another set of eyes”, we assist the architect in producing a clear and understandable set of documents. It is considerably easier and less costly to make a clarification to the drawings during the design phase rather than face a change during actual construction.

K M M CONSULTANTS estimating and management services include:

  • Preparation of conceptual, preliminary, and pre-bid estimates
  • Cash flow modeling and trending
  • Preparation of project/program budgets
  • Life cycle costing
  • Value engineering cost estimates
  • Value analysis
  • Quantity take-offs

  • Bid packaging and phasing
  • Bid analysis, unbalanced bid checks and schedule of values development
  • Progress payment assessments
  • Change order estimates and checks
  • Cost to complete
  • Damages calculations for the preparation or analysis of claims

CPM Scheduling

K M M CONSULTANTS provides Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and management an essential requirement for an effective project strategy. Our services include the preparation, analysis, and updating baseline schedules based on actual project progress.

K M M CONSULTANTS scheduling services allow our clients to effectively plan and organize the work, measure progress, quantify impacts, and adjust to changes with maximum efficiency.

Our work product and deliverables arc prepared using the latest versions of’ the industry’s scheduling software, including Primavera®, SureTrack®, and MS Project®. K M M CONSULTANTS  reporting protocols arc customized to our client’s needs and reflect the requirements of various levels of personnel that will review the scheduling information - from project staff, upward to company executives.

K M M CONSULTANTS scheduling and management services include:

  • Master program schedules
  • Design phase schedules
  • Construction phase schedules
  • Completion and turnaround schedules
  • Window and look-ahead schedules
  • Contract time determination for bids (engineer’s estimate of time)
  • Cost and resource loading of CI’M schedules

  • Periodic updating of schedules
  • Preparation of schedule reports
  • Schedule analysis and trending
  • Progress completion verification (percent complete)
  • Review and analysis of schedules prepared by others.

Project Risk Management

Major private and public owners who invest hundreds of millions of corporate/investor/taxpayer funds in the construction and expansion of service and revenue facilities have a responsibility to vigilantly protect that investment. They often are not fully educated on the devastating impacts of cost and schedule overruns, system failures, and general construction disputes. The potential risks of these goliath projects are many, varied, and often not fully recognized in advance.

K M M CONSULTANTS risk management program provides proven techniques to identify and manage the risks in the construction process from planning through design, construction and commissioning/acceptance.

Integrity Monitoring

An integrity monitoring program is implemented in those instances when extra precautions arc necessary to prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption during a construction project.

K M M CONSULTANTS has the expertise and industry knowledge to create proactive, customized solutions to prevent or deter fraud, corruption, and safety/environmental violations from occurring on a construction site, while not inhibiting the project’s schedule, cost, or contractor performance.

K M M CONSULTANTS team of professional consultants has the sophisticated legal, forensic auditing, investigative and loss prevention skills with particular expertise in the investigation and prosecution of construction, labor, and environmental fraud schemes to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We seek not only to identify inappropriate activity and coordinate with the appropriate authorities, but to deter it from happening in the future.

International Project Advisory

K M M CONSULTANTS can provide project advisory and forensic analysis services in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

K M M CONSULTANTS offers project advisory services such as preconstruction, project management, and progress monitoring. Often serving as an extension of staff

K M M CONSULTANTS go above and beyond participating in just the design and construction phases: we confirm that proper project protocols arc in place, and write or evaluate project procedures as required. We can review funding procedures, cash flow and draw downs; identify and quantify risks and threats. We measure performance on the project through snap-shot/threshold audits, peer reviews and schedule updates. K M M CONSULTANTS  offers several ways in which to protect our clients’ interests and investments.

International Forensic Analysis

K M M CONSULTANTS is a full-service provider of forensic analysis services, including claims management, dispute resolution, and litigation support. K M M CONSULTANTS  provides technical support and construction expertise to attorneys, owners, insurance companies, lenders, design professionals, and contractors in public, private, and government contracting.

K M M CONSULTANTS We resolve complex issues and prepare/evaluate claims or damage calculations. We perform delay analysis to further assess the project events, including:

  • Apportioning concurrent delays
  • Sorting disruption factors
  • Evaluating the true effectiveness of acceleration
  • Examining loss of productivity/efficiency
  • Measuring the impact of change